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The link between obesity and food insecurity may be caused by a third factor that contributes to both the risk of obesity and food insecurity in adulthood - - socioeconomic disadvantage in childhood. This is suggested by a number of studies showing socioeconomic disadvantage in early life to be positively associated with increased obesity and food insecurity in young adulthood. If this research holds up, this should lead those concerned about obesity to work to improve the economic lives of low-income households.4


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Hunger and Obesity

Understanding Hunger and Obesity and the Role for School-Based Health Care

School-based health centers can be a critical partner in addressing hunger and obesity in their schools. They can provide leadership in working with food service, administrators, staff and students to assure students have access to healthy food in school, including in vending machines. Moreover, school-based health centers can provide leadership in advocating for policies in the community, and with state and national policymakers to assuage hunger and curb the spiraling trend towards obesity for the 43 million1 people who live in poverty, including 17 million2 food vulnerable children. More often than not, these are the same children who attend schools with the lowest graduation rates, half of them found in the nation’s poorest neighborhoods. 3

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