Students Speak Out


Youth Voices: Speak out!

Does your school have a school-based health center? How has it impacted your life? What has it done for the school in general?

If you don’t have access to a school-based health center, how do you think your community could benefit from having one? What do you think health and education can gain from each other? What does a truly “healthy” school look like?

Share your ideas, comments, or questions. Submissions will be reviewed for appropriateness, and posted on this page. Check back to see what students have to say about school-based health care!

Students “Get Ready” for Flu and Emergency Preparedness with Their School-Based Health Centers

This year, APHA’s Get Ready Campaign held a contest for students and their school-based health centers to develop programs encouraging their classmates and communities to prepare for disasters and the flu by creating emergency kits, getting immunized and using social media to spread the word. Schools recorded and submitted their efforts to win a cash prize.

Students at Franklin K. Lane High School’s North Shore LIJ Student Health Center won first prize for their creative strategy. Peer Leaders and health center staff at the Student Health Center created a “Hand Washing Dance Party”, where students learned correct hand washing techniques while dancing to LMFAO’s Party Rock Anthem. Students also gave gift packs to the first 100 students who were immunized as a incentive to get more students vaccinated. Also, read more about the recess scavenger hunt at Stein Elementary and Youth Empowered Solutions’ “Get Ready Tweet-a-thon”.