APHA’s Program to Improve Graduation fosters creative ways to engage youth as partners for change. Here's what students at Omaha Northwest High Magnet School created in response to gun violence in America:

Creative Director: James “Jimmy” Watkins, Video Production: Project Raw; Khabeer Saalam

Small, purposeful acts toward change can have a ripple effect. A science teacher at a Washington, D.C., middle school made a huge impact with a simple idea:

Producer: Safidi Tyehimba

Hear what students have to say about school-based health care and ways to improve the school environment:

Engaging Youth in Policy Advocacy teen girl speaking

Engaging Youth in Policy Advocacy

teen girl speaking

Impact of School-Based Health Centers

Visions for the future of SBHCs three teen boys 

Visions for the Future of School-Based Health Centers

Parent and children walking toward school building

Waverly Public Health Initiative

What are you most proud of? Teen girl speaking

What Are You Most Proud Of?

teen boy speaking

Words of Wisdom