Module 4

Using Population Data to Inform Integrated Practice

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This module provides participants with a context for and a strategy to inform school-wide interventions. It will discuss the selection of the Rapid Assessment for Adolescent Preventive Services – Public Health (RAAPS-PH) to aid in the assessment of health of high school youth served and facilitate school-wide strategies, and provides participants with best practices in conducting youth discussion groups to document students’ perceptions about sensitive social issues as a complement to RAAPS-PH findings and to inform school-wide strategies. The group discussion provides an opportunity for analysis and synthesis of module content.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify population needs through school-wide assessment
  • Evaluate efficacy of RAAPS-PH
  • Examine a strategy for eliciting how youth identify and cope with social and environmental factors that put them at risk for dropping out
  • Summarize and integrate concepts of module segments for applicability in school-based health centers.

Instructions — For this module:

  • Review the module’s pre-recorded presentations which total 80 minutes (a set of guided study questions are included).
  • Complete any required readings (supplemental readings are optional)/
  • Please note that review of all self-paced module content needs to be completed prior to your discussion session.
  • Participate in your interactive group discussion session by video conference for 90 minutes (attendance will be recorded)
  • Following your discussion session, complete an online proficiency assessment and session evaluation.

Pre-Recorded Presentations

arrow Population Needs Through Data Analysis — Dr. Wright

PDF Population Needs Through Data Analysis — Dr. Wright

arrow Assessing Individual and Population Health Risk Behaviors Using Standardized Tools — Ms. Salerno

PDF Assessing Individual and Population Health Risk Behaviors Using Standardized Tools — Ms. Salerno

arrow Youth Discussion Groups — Ms. Nelson

PDF Youth Discussion Groups — Ms. Nelson

Required Reading

PDF Empowering Students and Creating Opportunities Despite the Odds: A Public Health Capacity-Building Case Study in Cincinnati, Ohio

Supplemental Reading

PDF At the Intersection: Connecting Health and Education Data in School-Based Health Centers

Supplemental Materials

PDF Review Copy of RAAPS-PH
PDF Review Copy of RAAPS-OC
PDF RAAPS-PH Sample Report
PDF Planning for RAAPS-PH Needs Assessment

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