Module 7

Applying the Integration Framework

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This module will review the Action Plan template that will be completed after the synthesis of of assessment findings has been done. It then provides examples of approaches and activities to integrate public health in the clinic and school-wide, and provides a framework for evaluation of progress in the context of the Action Plan and elucidates examples of evaluation metrics. The group discussion provides an opportunity for analysis and synthesis of module content.

Learning Objectives:

  • Summarize and integrate concepts of module segments for applicability in schools.
  • Demonstrate concepts of module segments for implementation in schools.
  • Examine the relationship between process and outcome evaluation measures and how they are practically gathered in schools.
  • Summarize and integrate concepts of module segments for applicability in SBHCs.

Instructions — For this module:

  • Review the module’s pre-recorded presentations which total 80 minutes (a set of guided study questions are included).
  • Complete any required readings (supplemental readings are optional)/
  • Please note that review of all self-paced module content needs to be completed prior to your discussion session.
  • Participate in your interactive group discussion session by video conference for 90 minutes (attendance will be recorded)
  • Following your discussion session, complete an online proficiency assessment and session evaluation.

Pre-Recorded Presentations

arrow Action Plan Conceptual Framework — Dr. Harris

PDF Action Plan Conceptual Framework — Dr. Harris

arrow Applying the Integration Framework — Dr. Harris

PDF Applying the Integration Framework — Dr. Harris

arrow Evaluation of Progress — Ms. Mather

PDF Evaluation of Progress — Ms. Mather

Required Reading & Materials

arrow How One Woman Reinvented School to Combat Poverty
PDF Whirlpool Gave Washers and Dryers to 17 Schools in Illinois and California and Attendance Rates Shot Up — Here's Why
PDF This School Replaced Detention with Meditation. The Results are Stunning.
PDF New Rhode Island Law Mandates Daily School Recess, calls it a Student's Right

Supplemental Resources

PDF Food Insecurity Screening Algorithm
PDF ICD Food Insecurity Codes

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